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Fine Art Collection

The Fine Art Collection features works by Nordic and Nordic-American artists in a variety of media.

This includes paintings, carvings, sculptures, prints, drawings, photographs and negatives, and born-digital prints. This collection includes a 2006 donation of a 10-painting suite based on the operas of Richard Wagner (67” x 67” or 51” x 79” oils on canvas), done by artist Karl Momen (1934 – ). Another artist represented in the Fine Art Collection is Finnish-American artist Helmi Dagmar Juvonen (1903 – 1985), who was based in Seattle. Helmi created art, wrote poetry, made dolls, sketched portraits of Seattle society people, and became fascinated with Northwest Indian motifs, myths, and history, which greatly influenced her work. The Museum’s collection of 125 Helmi works includes watercolors, temperas, block prints, pen-and-ink and colored-pencil drawings, and several linoleum, wood block, and copper plates she created to execute her prints. The Fine Art Collection numbers nearly 2,800 objects. 

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