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Susan Ringstad Emery


Reindeer, coastal landscapes, ravens, shamans, and the Northern Lights populate the paintings and drawings of Seattle-area artist Susan Ringstad Emery. The daughter of a Norwegian/Swedish father and an Iñupiat mother, she conjures works that explore and celebrate her blended heritage.

Descended from generations of Iñupiat and Scandinavian hunters, fishermen, shipbuilders, and even a shaman, Susan lightheartedly describes herself as an “Urban Iñupiat & a Norwegian who doesn’t look the part.” In this exhibition, you'll see her contemporary native artworks, which range from cave-art-inspired mixed-media works on panel to paintings to graphite on paper. 

Ringstad Emery’s captivating cultural background is part of a long history of Nordic and native peoples making lives together in North America. Her story was the first to be collected for Nordic Heritage Museum’s new Nordic-American oral history program, titled Interwoven: The Blended Heritage of Nordic and Native Peoples.

Exhibition organized by the Nordic Heritage Museum.

Member Preview: September 7 | 6pm
Gallery Talk: September 9 | 2pm


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