Nordic Lights Film Festival

Saturday, January 13

10am: Siblings Are Forever (Søsken til evig tid)

Documentary   |   Norway   |   2013   |   75 minutes   |   Frode Fimland

A warm and poetic documentary about a brother-and-sister couple, Magnar and Oddny. At about 70 years old, they live on the family farm and run it in about the same manner as it was run by several generations before them. It is about people who live the way many Norwegians lived before the petroleum-driven wealth changed almost everything: closely entwined with the grandiose natural surroundings while at the same time impoverished in terms of financial wealth.

See trailer here.


12pm: Walk With Me (De standhaftige)

Drama/RomaNce/War   |   Denmark   |   2016   |   105 minutes   |   Lisa Ohlin

Deployed on mission in Helmand, Afghanistan, 25-year-old Thomas steps on a landmine and is seriously injured. At the local rehabilitation center he meets Sofie, an ascending ballerina from the Royal Danish Ballet, who is helping a relative regain strength after a long-term sickness. Thomas desperately wants back in the field and gets impatient when he fails to progress as fast as he wants to. When Sofie offers to help him with a more intense rehabilitation plan, he accepts. Despite their differences, they develop a special bond and a mutual affection.

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2pm: Arctic Superstar (Arktisk Superstjerne / Árktalaš Supernásti)

Documentary   |   Norway/Sápmi   |   2016   |   72 minutes   |   Simen Braathen

The indigenous Sami rapper Nils Rune Utsi — also known as SlinCraze — lives with his mother in Máze, a nearly abandoned town in the Arctic highlands of Norway. His dream is to make a living from his music and maybe even become world-famous. The only problem is the fact that less than 20,000 people speak his endangered language. 


3:30pm: The Return

Documentary   |   Norway   |   2017   |   40 minutes   |   Ingrid Berven

In The Return, we follow artist Ingrid Berven as she journeys to Georgia and follows in the footsteps of famous countrymen like Knut Hamsun and Dagny Juel. Here, she meets 75-year-old retired professor Manana, the matriarch of an age-old Georgian family dynasty. Through the story of the family’s dramatic and tumultuous experiences with communism and the ups and downs of the 20th century, the film paints an intriguing picture of the very different ways in which Georgia and Norway have evolved over the years.

Director Ingrid Berven was scheduled to attend the screening but has had to cancel due to illness.

5:30pm: Reykjavík

Comedy/Drama   |   Iceland   |   2016   |   92 minutes   |   Ásgrímur Sverrisson

A bittersweet romantic drama about a thirty-something Reykjavik couple heading in different directions.


7:30pm: The Square

Drama   |   Sweden   |   2017   |   142 minutes   |   Ruben Östlund

The Square is a poignant satirical drama reflecting our time — about the sense of community, moral courage, and the affluent person's need for egocentricity in an increasingly uncertain world. Following on the success of his last film Force Majeure, writer-director Ruben Östlund is as ambitious as ever — and delivers an unforgettably unusual work whose challenging themes pay thought-provoking dividends. The Square has received many awards, among them the prestigious Palm d’Or in Cannes. 


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