Brewing Traditional Nordic Farmhouse Beers

w/ Mika Laitinen and Jereme Zimmerman  

Brewing Traditional Nordic Farmhouse Beers

w/ Mika Laitinen and Jereme Zimmerman


Join Mika Laitinen, author of Viking Age Brew, and Jereme Zimmerman, author of Make Mead Like a Viking and Brew Beer Like a Yeti for a discussion on the history, tradition, and technique of brewing Nordic ales. The authors will each discuss their individual approach to researching and experimenting with Nordic farmhouse brewing. Additionally, they will provide an overview of beer history and beer styles in the Nordic regions and their methods for researching the information in their books. A Q&A session for brewers and non-brewers alike will follow.

Zimmerman, a Kentucky native and former Seattle resident, approaches the subject from the viewpoint of an ardent experimentalist attempting to recreate authentic historical brews utilizing ingredients foraged from the hills of Kentucky. He has been brewing beer since he first moved to Seattle in 1998, and his since become a popular speaker and writer of books, magazine articles and blogs in the fields of traditional brewing, modern homesteading and sustainability. His writings have appeared in Mother Earth News, Grit and American Frontiersman, among others. He will discuss his understanding of modern and ancient Nordic brewing, including his wide-ranging knowledge on history, techniques, and ingredients for brewing like a Viking. Learn more at his website,

Mika Laitinen writes about traditional ales and brewing from days gone by. His articles on Nordic farmhouse ales have appeared in beer magazines, including Brew Your Own and Zymurgy, and many of his writings about local Nordic beer culture are featured on his website Laitinen lives, writes, and brews in Finland, just a stone’s throw from the sahti heartland, where traditional farmhouse ale culture still thrives. Since 1998, he has crafted hundreds of homebrews, many of them to test how various farmhouse methods work in practice or explore how people brewed in ages past. 

Experienced brewers, new brewers, and anyone with an interest in medieval and Viking Age history are welcome to attend. No brewing experience is required!

Cost: $10 for Members; $15 general admission

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Join us in May 2018
and be inspired by the values, traditions, art, and spirit of the Nordic peoples.

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