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National Nordic Museum announces Nordic Talks series


Written April 26, 2021

During these talks, leading innovators and advocates for sustainable food practices and conservation will discuss solutions to contemporary issues in the areas of fine dining, food processing and packaging, and agriculture. The Museum has invited leaders from the Nordic region and the State of Washington to participate in this series of talks which will increase awareness and inspire positive actions for a more secure and sustainable world.

This series of talks will consist of thematic panels led by industry leaders from the Nordic region and the United States, and it will discuss clever solutions to timely problems in the areas of fine dining, food processing and packaging, and agriculture. These talks are free.


Panel One
Fine Dining for All: How Chefs Fed Communities during COVID-19 | May 29, 2pm PST

The first of the Nordic Talks series, this panel explores how fine dining pivoted during the COVID-19 pandemic, serving households that are food insecure or adopting new business models. COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, curfews, quarantines, and stay-at-home orders exacted a heavy toll on fine dining restaurants. However, creative chefs and resilient restauranteurs responded swiftly with innovative solutions to continue serving the public.

Tickets for Fine Dining for All


Panel Two
Tastemakers: Effecting Change in Farming, Food Processing, and Packaging | June 12, 2pm PST

This panel investigates how companies in the Nordic countries and the United States demonstrate their commitment to sustainable strategies to maximize growth and minimize waste. In recent years, Nordic restaurants and companies have catalyzed conversations about environmental sustainability with special consideration paid to the growth and selection of ingredients and the development of sustainable packaging. How have Nordic and American companies risen to these challenges?

Tickets for Tastemakers


Panel Three
Preventing the Collapse of Colonies: Saving Bees and the Global Food Supply | July 17, 2pm PST

This panel moves beyond discussions of food consumption to address the first step in the cultivation of plant-based foods. Panelists from Washington State University and the Nordic countries discuss efforts to combat declining populations of the world’s most important pollinator—bees.

Tickets for Preventing the Collapse of Colonies

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Panel Four
Finding Solutions to Food Waste
August 21, 2pm PST

This panel brings to light the pervasive problem and indelible impact of food waste on the global economy, the environment, and our society. Approximately one-third of food produced is discarded, yet change is possible. Panelists offer creative solutions to combat food waste. Moderated by Suvi Järvelä-Hagström, Cultural Counselor and Head of Cultural Affairs, Embassy of Finland to the United States, the panel includes speakers from a zero-waste restaurant (Nolla Restaurant in Helsinki) to a mobile application that connects consumers to unsold food (Too Good to Go, founded in Denmark), among others.

Tickets for Finding Solutions to Food Waste