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Sunday, March 3


Loving Pia/At elske Pia

Drama/Romance | Denmark | 2017 | 99 minutes | Daniel Borgman

A work of fiction, the film is developed from the life of – and starring – a real woman, Pia, who is intellectually disabled. Pia is 60 years old and she lives in rural Denmark in the care of her mother Guittou, 84. In the story, Guittou is getting old, and Pia worries about what will happen when her mother dies. She is afraid of being left alone. Although Pia has never had a boyfriend, she thinks that she needs to find a man to love in order to survive. Then Pia meets a man called Jens at the harbor. Pia embarks on a quiet and simple relationship with him, not realizing that in the meantime it is her mother who is left alone.

Cast: Pia Skovgaard, Céline Skovgaard, Jens Jensen


12 PM


Drama | Denmark | 2017 | 102 minutes | Birigtte Stærmose

Darling is a world-famous Danish ballerina. After a long absence, she and her husband Frans return to the Royal Danish ballet in Copenhagen to perform the classic ballet “Giselle”. She will dance the title role with Frans as choreographer. During rehearsals, Darling collapses in pain. Try as she may to deny it; the prognosis is clear: her hip is irreparably damaged. She will never dance again. Her professional life, her world is in ruins. But Darling refuses to let go. She decides to train her replacement, a young ballerina named Polly, to make Polly the Giselle she can no longer be. But as Polly becomes the center of attention, of Frans’ attention, Darling’s emotional stability begins to unravel.

Cast: Danica Curcic, Astrid Grarup Elbo, Gustaf Skarsgård



2 PM

Dreams by the Sea/Dreymar við havið

Coming of Age Drama | Faroe Islands | 2017 | 78 minutes | Sakaris Stórá

On an isolated island, Ester goes about her mundane life, quietly obeying her religious parents. One day the rebellious Ragna moves to town. Trying to protect her younger brother from their alcoholic mother, Ragna sees an ally in Ester, and together they enjoy the summer nights, dreaming about something better. But summer doesn’t last long on the Faroe Islands and soon reality catches up with the girls. Dreams by the Sea is a story of struggle, love and identity, and that growing desire to get away, when everything else seems to stay in place.

Cast: Juliett Nattestad, Helena Heðinsdóttir


4 PM

For All Our Fathers Fought/Alt hva fedrene har kjempet

Documentary | Norway | 2018 | 89 minutes | Hilde Korsaeth

For All Our Fathers Fought tells the concealed story of the Norwegians who fought side by side with the Russians, those who won the war but lost the peace. It deals with the wounds of war and the Cold War, as well as the people trapped on the borderland between the politics of East and West. It is also the story of a son’s search for the truth about his father, in order to make peace with painful memories. The troublesome story of how Norway betrayed those who sacrificed everything.


6 PM

East of Sweden/Kääntöpiste

Drama/Thriller | Finland | 2018 | 104 minutes | Simo Halinen

Three men, who all have something to hide, share a cabin on a northbound night train. Dominick is an undocumented African immigrant, Jere is caught up in criminal activity and Aleksi is a psychiatric patient running away. While Jere and Dominick just want to make it to their destination in silence, Aleksi starts causing commotion. A violent confrontation ensues, which leads to his accidental death. Jere and Dominick make a difficult decision -to dump the body and pretend it didn’t happen. They part ways in northern Finland, but they aren’t finished with each other yet. Through circumstance, the men fall in with Aleksi’s ex wife, the beautiful Vera, and her small daughter. With the help of Vera, Dominick attempts, but fails, to escape Finland and Jere, who is starting to fall in love with Vera, becomes increasingly paranoid about what they have done. Both men seek to gain Vera’s trust but struggle with everything they are hiding. The truth will out, but how will the men come to terms with what they have done?

Cast: Laura Birn, Samuel Vauramo, Lauri Untamo, David Nzinga, Andreas af Enehielm, Sara Paavolainen

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