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M(other) Tongues: Student Exhibition


Nov 4, 2021 - Jan 30, 2022

Las Hermanas y Bodhild Iglesias_5

M(other) Tongues: Bodhild and Las Hermanas Iglesias features the work of Bodhild Brendryen Iglesias and her daughters Janelle and Lisa Iglesias. Born to Norwegian and Dominican immigrant parents, Janelle and Lisa create project-based work under the name “Las Hermanas Iglesias” (Spanish for “The Iglesias Sisters”). The artists grew up in Queens, NY, and now reside on opposite coasts, maintaining independent and collaborative art practices. In addition to working together, they extend their process to the communities they convene, including other members of their family, and in particular, their Norwegian-born mother, Bodhild, an avid knitter. The exhibition is on view at the Museum through January 30, 2022.

Thank you to our participating students:

Wolfie Ambach • Beatrice Cunard • Cate Dougan • Lourdes Gonzales • Lindsay Hill • Ella Jeffries • Maggie Jones • Taylor Kenneth • Abby Kvart • Bea Mendez • Campbell Ressler • Ava Runberg • Kaity Anne Sadler • Kenzo Schiffer • Rachel Suh • Gunnison Sweeney • Nicole White • Lilah Amon-Lucas • Frankee Atchison • Paisley Bigatel • Mari Bowden • Anica Carpenter • Mei Emoki • Addie Gipson • Sadie Kahan • Esme Ketcham • Jenna li • Mimi Linden • Sophia Myint • Kate Ostermeyer • Grayson Schmitz • Brooks Tappan • Asher Zamudio

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