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Permanent Exhibitions

Current Exhibitions

  • On Now:

    Aug 6, 2022 - Nov 27, 2022

    Across the West and Toward the North

    Across the West and Toward the North: Norwegian and American Landscape Photography provides a new examination of Norwegian and American landscape photography in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

  • On Now:

    July 19, 2022 - December 4, 2022

    What Does It Mean to Be Nordic?

    The Museum's curatorial team poses this question to six interviewees. Their answers explore the melding of Nordic with African, Asian, European Jewish, and Indigenous cultures to shape identity.

  • On Now:

    July 7, 2022 - Dec 31, 2022

    Nordic Swan

    Danish artist and activist Thomas Dambo transforms trash into treasure, creating public sculptures that beautify their surroundings. His Nordic Swan was fashioned from 300 recycled mayonnaise containers fitted over a wooden armature and embodies Denmark's symbol for recycling as well as the fairytale Ugly Duckling.

  • On Now:


    From Dawn to Dusk: Photographs Inspired by the Masterpieces

    In spring 2022, advanced photography-enrolled local high school students spent the semester developing photographic works inspired by the masterpieces in From Dawn to Dusk: Nordic Art from Sweden's Nationalmuseum. Their creations are displayed for you here, in this special virtual exhibition. 

  • On Now:


    Ar(c)t(ic) Design Exhibition

    The Ar(c)t(ic) Design Exhibition was curated by the second grade scholars and environmental advocates in Dr. Jennie Warmouth’s class at Spruce Elementary School. The second graders put out an international call for Arctic focused designs following their teacher’s expedition to Arctic Svalbard as a Grosvenor Teacher Fellow with National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions.

Upcoming Exhibitions

  • Upcoming:

    Dec 9, 2022 - Mar 5, 2023


    From December 2022 until March 2023, the National Nordic Museum will present Mygration, an exhibition of works by Tomas Colbengtson and Stina Folkebrant.