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The Whale Child

The Illustrations


March 25, 2023 - July 9, 2023

About the Book:

The Whale Child sends young readers on an adventure with Shiny, a whale child turned into a boy by the ocean’s water spirit. Along with Alex, a young Coast Salish girl, the two travel the earth, confronting the realities of a planet threatened by an uncertain future. Inspired by Shiny’s hope, humor, and wisdom, Alex makes the promise to become a teacher for future generations.

Authors and siblings Chenoa and Keith Egawa also co-wrote and illustrated Tani’s Search for the Heart (2013). They are both enrolled members of the Lummi Indian Nation.

Praise for The Whale Child:

“The sacred art of Indigenous storytelling is beautifully upheld in The Whale Child. It teaches us of our relationship with the living Earth, about balance and respect and the responsibilities that we hold toward one another across species. The story guides the reader using traditional Coast Salish lore in a contemporary narrative, masterfully weaving the timeless wisdom of Indigenous ways of knowing into our current reality. The whale child’s journey is taken for us all. We must bear witness.”Sherri Mitchell Weh’na Ha’mu Kwasset, author of Sacred Instructions

“Those of us with hands and feet (alas) who self-identify as members of the Earth’s Whale Tribe now have a new wonderful, strong, kind, and happy tale to represent us, and with which to remember our connection to All Things by. The Whale Child provides that ‘smart step in the right direction’ we all need.”Paul Owen Lewis, author and illustrator of Storm Boy and Frog Girl