Thanks for sharing the Nordic Spirit through art!

Arctic Field Sketching Workshop, Rosemaling with Marilyn Hanson, and Pecha Kucha: Designing the Body are just a few of the ways we have all shared the Nordic Spirit through art this year at the Museum.

Coming next year, just for you art lovers is the Nordic Lights Film Festival, Flora Metamorphicae Ceramics Class, and the Nordic Knitting Conference.

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The Nordic Heritage Museum depends on the support of individuals like you to provide a place to share the Nordic Spirit through our educational programs, community events, and innovative exhibitions.

The Nordic Heritage Museum shares Nordic culture with people of all ages and backgrounds by exhibiting art and objects, preserving collections, providing educational and cultural experiences, and serving as a community gathering place.


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Join us in May 2018
and be inspired by the values, traditions, art, and spirit of the Nordic peoples.

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