Three-Dimensional Object Collection

Consisting mainly of objects used by Nordic immigrant families in daily life and work in the Pacific Northwest, the Three-Dimensional Object Collection includes household and occupational objects, furniture, decorative art, folk arts and crafts, clothing and textiles, and archival material. 


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The Museum's Three-Dimensional Object Collection is the repository for important and unique individual objects, including a Danish woman’s knitted nightshirt — the only example known to exist outside of the few in Scandinavia. Another rare donation is a Swedish painted trunk from 1702, which was professionally conserved and stabilized in 2010 through funding provided by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services program for American Heritage Preservation Conservation Project Support. The Three-Dimensional Object Collection contains nearly 22,000 objects. 

Bergman Textile Collection: Of significance among the Three-Dimensional Object Collection is the Margaret and Arthur Bergman woven textile collection, which was donated in 1992 and consists of 580 textile, loom, and archival materials dating from 1914 to 1992. Margaret Bergman, a Swedish immigrant and Pacific Northwest weaving pioneer, and her son Arthur Bergman designed, patented, and built the special Bergman folding looms and made each woven item. The Bergman collection has become widely utilized by scholars, other museum institutions, and the general public in the United States and Scandinavia. ​

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