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Denmark - Mostly Nordic Concert Series



Danish Dreams: The Songs of Peter Heise

Featuring Jessie Wright Martin (mezzo-soprano) and John O'Brien (piano)

Songs beloved even in their own time, Peter Heise's romanticism spans dreams, the middle ages, and folk-tales, with inspiration drawn from his own work collecting hundreds of folk songs from country folk during his youth. Well-established duo mezzo-soprano Jessie Wright Martin and pianist John O'Brien will share some of Heise's most dreamy and romantic songs from his extensive body of work. They will explore musical representations of the erotic, romantic trembling, and Europe in the middle-ages in a dreamy Danish affair.

Danish Dreams: The Songs of Peter Heise

Featuring Jessie Wright Martin (mezzo-soprano) and John O'Brien (piano)

A long-established musical collaboration between Jessie Wright Martin and John O’Brien has taken them to universities and concert halls throughout the American southeast and across the country. They have performed numerous recitals together, including Wolf’s Italienisches Liederbuch, Schumann’s Frauenliebe und Leben, and a program of Australian music they performed at Weill Recital Hall in Carnegie Hall. Their most recent project was a program of Scandinavian music performed in the original languages. This exciting recital program featured the music of Edvard Grieg (Haugtussa), Peter Heisse (Dvekes Sange) and Gunnar de Frumeri (Hjärtats Sånger). The program drew on Dr. Martin’s study with scholars and practitioners of vocal music in Denmark, Sweden and Norway and celebrated the rich musical offerings of Scandinavian music.

Our final concert in the 2022 Mostly Nordic series features the works of Danish composer Peter Heise (1830-1879) performed by Martin and O'Brien. Join us for an afternoon of romantic melody in our Osberg Great Hall. Tour the Museum before or after the concert at your leisure.

Please note that subscribers can use their March 6 performance tickets for this August 14 concert.

All concert goers can show their Danish Dream ticket or series pass for free entry to the Museum on August 14.

"Danish Dreams" Program

Digte fra Middelalderen (Poems from the Middle Ages) 

1. Hvorfor vilde du spørge mig? (Why would you ask me?) 

2. Gammel fransk romance (Old French Romance)

3. Unge George Campbell (Young George Campbell)

4. Din fader skal ikke skjænde (Your father shall not scold)

5. Praskoviuschka

6. Sang (Song)

7. Skjønne Fru Beatriz (Beautiful Mrs. Beatriz)

Erotiske Digte (Erotic Poems)

1. Til en veninde (To a girl)

2. Ved huset (By the house)

3. Henrykkelse (Ecstasy)

4. Skoveensomhed (Forest Solitude)

5. Advarsel (Warning)


Dyvekes Sange (Dyveke's Songs)

I Bergen

Skal altid fæste mit hår under hue (I must always fasten my hair under my cap)

Ak, hvem der havde en hue (Ah, to have a cap)

Hvad vil den mand med kæder på (What does the man with chains want)

Vildt, vildt, vildt suser blæsten (Wild, wild, wild whistles the wind)

II På Sjælland

Næppe tør jeg tale (No sooner do I speak)

Det stiger, det stiger, det stiger herop (It rises, it rises, it rises up here)

Se, nu er sommern kommen (Look, now summer has come)