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Interplay with Ailloš



Join us as we welcome Ailloš and guests for a 90 minute concert! 

Iŋgor Ántte Áilu Gaup (artist name: Ailloš) has been yoiking as long as he can remember. The yoik is the traditional form of Sámi song; it has its own musical rules and a deep connection to nature and all living beings. Ailloš will share both traditional and new yoiks, which have fused with different genres of music as yoik became popular within world and folk music in the late 20th century. For the very first time, Ailloš will be joined by musicians of the Pacific Northwest. Crossing geographical, cultural, and stylistic borders, Ailloš is looking forward to the moment when yoik meets Indigenous music of the Pacific Northwest and the classical music of Europe.

Ailloš will be joined by several special guests, including members of Pacific Sami Searvi.

Amy E. Swanson, Stephen Swanson, Jeanne Bourgeois, Eileen Swanso are also expected to perform with Ailloš on:

  • Hot Canary by Paul Nero
  • Tanz by Penderecki
  • Tango by Piazzola
  • Duet, BWV 804 by J.S.Bach
  • Shenandoah/Roll On Columbia, Traditional

The National Nordic Museum wishes to thank 4Culture, Mari-Ann Kind Jackson, and our anonymous donors for their support of this program.


  • Ailloš


    Ailloš grew up in a reindeer-herding family in Guovdageaidnu (Kautokeino) on the Norwegian side of Sapmi, which is the traditional Sami area, encompassing northern Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola Peninsula of Russia. As a child, he lived in a goahti, a traditional Sami dwelling somewhat like a tepee. Today, reindeer herders no longer live year-round in goahtis, so Ailloš belongs to the last generation that had the privilege of growing up in a goahti.


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