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Scand30: 1 Object, Over Easy: The Jacobsen Egg Chair with Peter Cohan



Our ever-popular Scand30 series returns with a twist! Join University of Washington's Peter Cohan as we explore the iconic Danish Egg Chair. 

About the Object:

Designed in 1958 for the SAS Hotel in Copenhagen by renowned Danish architect Arne Jacobsen, the Egg Chair quickly became the iconic image of Danish Modern furniture. This Scand30 presentation will re-contextualize the chair in relation to the gesamtkunstwerk that is the SAS Hotel, as well as Jacobsen’s entire oeuvre as an architect, furniture designer, and product designer.

About the Series:

Co-presented with the University of Washington's Department of Scandinavian Studies, this latest iteration of our popular Scand30 series uses one object in the Museum's collection as a point of departure for the speaker's topic. These short, snappy talks are delivered by University of Washington faculty and reflect current research. A light reception will follow the presentation.


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    Peter Cohan

    Associate Professor of Architecture, University of Washington


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