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Scand30: 1 Object, The Wierlo Sauna by Andrew K. Nestingen



Our ever-popular Scand30 series returns with a twist! Join University of Washington's Andrew Nestingen for a dive into Johan Wierlo’s mysterious sauna, built more than a century ago and now located in the East Garden at the National Nordic Museum. 

Some Finnish words are ancient and mysterious: veri, käsi, sauna. Blood, arm, sauna. These words are at least ten thousand years old. They come from deepest Finno-Ugric culture. What does "sauna" mean? What mysteries are attached to it? Are such mysteries connected to Johan Wierlo’s sauna, built more than a century ago at Finn Hill (in today’s Kirkland), and now located at the National Nordic Museum? Learn more at a sauna evening (saunailta), the first in a series of lectures at the Museum titled Scand30: 1 Object

About the series:

Co-presented with the University of Washington's Department of Scandinavian Studies, this latest iteration of our popular Scand30 series uses one object in the Museum's collection as a point of departure for the speaker's topic. These short, snappy talks are delivered by University of Washington faculty and reflect current research. A light reception will follow the presentation.


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    Andrew K. Nestingen

    Andrew K. Nestingen is Professor and Chair of the Department of Scandinavian Studies at the University of Washington. Nestingen’s research is organized around the question: How does textual form figure in the way people construct, imagine, and regulate their social worlds?


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