Marimekko, With Love

Mar 10-July 9

Founded in 1951 by visionary designer Armi Ratia and her husband Viljo, Marimekko not only sparked an international revolution in post-WWII pattern and textile production, but also inspired a new philosophy based on the power of design in everyday life. Marimekko was “a cultural phenomenon guiding the quality of living,” Armi recounted in 1962. Marimekko, With Love offers a retrospective look at the company’s mid-century origins and the role Marimekko played in shaping a new aesthetic and approach to living through fashion and design.

This exhibition draws together landmark Marimekko fabrics and fashions created by pioneering designers under Ratia’s leadership from the 1950s to the 1970s as well a breadth of archival material highlighting the personal stories and social relationships at the heart of the company’s international impact. Moving between individual vision and encompassing visual enterprise, Marimekko, With Love traces an emerging style reflected in fashion and fabrics, complemented by rich documentary materials that tell the story of Marimekko’s early evolution and global influence.

Marimekko, With Love is organized and circulated by the Textile Museum of Canada and curated by Shauna McCabe.

MEMBER PREVIEW March 9 | 6pm

GALLERY TALK March 11 | 2pm

Marimekko founder, Armi Ratia

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