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Getting Started

Table of Contents


Introduction to mNet. 1

Logging In.. 1

(i) Password Help.. 3

Dashboard Orientation.. 5

Help Guide. 7

(i) Where to get help?. 8




Introduction to mNet

mNet is a comprehensive museum automation platform that eliminates the use of multiple systems for day-to-day operations.  The system integrates most of the museum tasks onto a common platform from where they can be easily accessed, operated, and shared by the museum staff.


With mNet, museums can automate the management of memberships, donations, events, classes, tours, rentals, and more.  No need to use multiple systems for managing different museum modules. The mNet software can do this single-handedly.

Logging In


The first thing to learn on mNet should be learning how to create an account for a user. This is the first and the foremost thing that the admin is expected to do on mNet.


So, let’s learn about this in detail!


To create a user account, follow the steps given below:

Step-1: Login to admin Panel using Username and Password

Step-2: Once logged in, go to the administration tool bar and click on “People


Step-3: Now. click on “Add User


Step-4: Post-clicking, you will be on the account creation page which will look like this:



Fill the vacant fields with following details:

  • Username: Enter the name of the user in this field
  • Email Address: Enter email address as provided by the user
  • Password: Enter a strong password as per your choice
  • Confirm Password: Confirm the same by entering it again
  • Status: Select the status “Active”. You can use this section to block any user from using the website. To do so, simply select the status “Blocked” and he/she will be blocked and won’t be able to access any service.
  • Roles: Select roles as per the purchases and services made/taken by the user. The first box of “Authenticated User” will remain selected by default.


There will be a few more fields which you can fill with relevant information.


Step-5: Once all the mandatory fields are filled, click on “Create Account” to complete the process.



A new user account has been created successfully!

(i) Password Help


mNet allows admins to modify passwords created for users & staff members. Steps to do the same are as follows:


Step-1: After logging in, go to the administration tool bar and click on “People


Step-2: Now search the user account whose password you want to change. Use filters for initiating the search process.

Fill user details and click on “Apply” button to find out his/her name in the list.



Step-3: You will now find required user details on your screen. Click on the name of the user to open his/her profile.


Step-4: Now, you will see user’s profile on your screen. Click on “Edit” since you want to make changes to it.


Step-5: On a new page, enter the new password and confirm the same.


Step-6: Click on “Save “to complete the process.



Dashboard Orientation



This is your Dashboard that will help you jump directly to the designated tasks in one click. Whether it’s about buying a new membership or digging into discount coupons, getting some tasks done in the Content Management System or generating reports, this Dashboard will keep you connected with all major and minor tasks, in a sorted way.

After getting familiar with mNet, the dashboard would be the next big thing which you will need to learn. The guide will give you a brief of what all you should expect from this Dashboard.

Main Elements of the Dashboard


  • Staff Sales
  • Content Management
  • Data Import
  • Donations
  • Events and Classes
  • Memberships
  • POS and Store
  • Reports
  • Tours
  • Site Administration


A click on these icons will take you to the designated page wherein you can operate on category-related tasks easily. We will learn about these sections in detail, later in this guide.


Help Guide

The mNet guide has been curated and crafted to assist you with all the relevant information you might need while operating the software. From creating a user account to managing docents and volunteers, this guide has got you covered all. 

To help you understand the flow better, we have incorporated a step-by-step technique into the guide. Also, the screenshots attached with each module give you a better picture of how things are actually working in a real-time situation.

So, make the best use of this guide with effective screenshots and elaborated steps.

(i) Where to get help?

Though the guide itself is sufficient to answer all your queries, you can always contact us for more details at [email protected]. We would love to help you out.