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Written January 31, 2016

by Eric Nelson


We’re packing our bags! I’m excited to announce plans to embark on a two-week trip to the Nordic region at the beginning of February. Dr. Nancy Engstrom Zinn, Curator of Special Projects, and I will visit 13 museums across all five Nordic countries to begin negotiations for the loan of artworks and artifacts from Nordic museum collections. We hope to bolster these existing collaborations and help to secure specific object and art loans for the Core Exhibition of our new Nordic Museum project.

Specific goals for this research trip:

  1. Review and select objects and art works from Nordic museum collections for inclusion in the Core Exhibition of the new Nordic Museum, in Seattle.
  2. Begin negotiation required for securing these important object loans in time for the new museum’s opening in January, 2018.
  3. Discuss with Nordic colleagues concepts, themes, and specific works for a program of temporary exhibitions for the Special Exhibition Gallery in the new Nordic Museum.
  4. Strengthen partnerships with historical, cultural, and Contemporary art museums throughout the Nordic Region.

I can’t thank the Nordic Embassies enough for their tremendous support and help in putting this important trip together. Our collaboration with the embassies and the cultural institutions in the Nordic region is essential for our success with the new museum project. With groundbreaking of our new facility set to commence this spring, we are eager to take this next step. Stay tuned for an update upon our return!

Eric Nelson, Chief Executive Officer