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Julefest Volunteers Rack Up Another Success


Written November 25, 2019

The 2019 Julefest expanded to include the National Nordic Museum's parking lot, adding a second stage for performers at the Valhalla Beer Hall as well as the main stage at the Fisherman's Sun Terrace. There was also music inside the museum throughout most of the weekend, with bands playing on the Fjord's first bridge.

The festive atmosphere inside and out was made possible by more than 150 volunteers, who did everything from making tomte hats with children to cooking aebleskivers in the East Garden.

As 12,000 happy people streamed through the Museum last weekend, many stopped to thank the volunteers and tell them how much they appreciate Julefest's 42 years in Ballard.

We can only add:






Christmas at the National Nordic Museum doesn't end with Julefest. We'll have events throughout December to celebrate the Nordic holiday traditions. Check the calendar to learn more! Photos by Andy Grow, Rosemary Jones, and Eric Nelson.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at the National Nordic Museum, contact Volunteer Coordinator, Timothy Krumland at