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Wellbeing Workshop: Embracing Winter with Norwegian Friluftsliv



Please note that this is a virtual program. Please register by 9:00 am on January 30th to receive the link. The Zoom link will be sent one week before the program and the morning of. Please check all folders, including spam, for the link from

In 2024, we are prioritizing our personal well-being! Join health psychologist Kari Leibowitz, PhD in this one-hour interactive workshop to learn about the Norwegian concept of friluftsliv and how you can incorporate the practice into your own life to make the most out of the winter. Scroll down for program details!

Learn more about friluftsliv in Norway! Read about Kari Leibowiitz's experience making it through one of the world's darkest winters, now on our blog.

This interactive workshop will provide:

  1. An overview of the Norwegian concept of friluftsliv, or "open-air life," and the important role it plays in Norwegian culture. 
  2. The psychological and health benefits of getting outside, connecting with nature, and practicing frilufstliv—especially in winter.
  3. Strategies for practicing frilufstliv wherever you live, including approaches to help you get outside comfortably in all weather, as the Norwegians do. Attendees will walk away with not only a better understanding of Norwegian culture, but with practical strategies they can use in their own lives; attendees will have the chance to not only listen, but participate and share in the chat and apply workshop insights to their own experiences.


  • Kari Leibowitz

    Kari Leibowitz, PhD

    Kari Leibowitz, PhD is a health psychologist, speaker, and writer. She received her PhD in psychology from Stanford University, where her research in the Stanford Mind & Body Lab investigated the power of mindset to improve health.