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Wooden Spooncarving with Brendan McGarry



Join Brendan McGarry in the basics of carving a wooden spoon from green wood, using traditional hand tools. There are many ways to carve a wooden spoon, but Brendan will demonstrate the process of creating a spoon starting with a log of wood and ending up with a finished spoon. While he carves, he’ll discuss the design, safety, and a bit of history behind this style of spooncarving. In the tradition of Sloyd, all carving will be done with only a few simple tools: an axe, a saw, a straight knife, and a hook knife. By combining these four tools you can make a plethora of spoon shapes and sizes, as well as small bowls.


  • Brendan McGarry

    Brendan McGarry

    Brendan has been an artist and naturalist all his life but first discovered spoon carving in 2017 while studying for a Master’s in Environmental Education.