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Kayla Ann Block Printed Tea Towels 4x3.JPG


SOLD OUT Block Printed Tea Towels with Kayla Ann



Learn the art and craft of block printing with returning artist Kayla Ann! In this 2.5-hour class, we'll explore the fundamental techniques of carving, inking, and printing. Drawing inspiration from our special exhibition, Søren Solkær: Sort Sol, Kayla will guide students through the process of carving a bird-like stamp and printing the design on a tea towel. The skills learned in class are applicable to future block printing projects—walk away with all the tools you'll need to keep printing!

Students will need to purchase their own block printing kit here. Tea towels will be provided in class.


  • Kayla McDaniels

    Kayla Ann

    Kayla Ann is a Seattle based artist and designer known for her playful print designs, colorful illustrations, and her endless love of plants and flowers. She blends elements from the natural world and vintage-inspired motifs to create surface pattern designs, illustrations, and murals. Her signature style combines sketches with pops of color, creating moments of joy that bring awareness to our innate connection with nature.