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Knitting Series Begins In September


Written August 20, 2023

The National Nordic Museum will present the Nordic Knitting Series, a celebration of traditional and contemporary Nordic fiber art, over the course of three weeks in fall 2023. Each week will feature a different teaching artist in residence at the Museum. 

Norwegian knitting sensation and Instagram star Birger Berge will kick off the series in September, followed by Seattle-based fiber artist Allyce Wood, who explores handmade and digital processes, and Salt Lake City-based Kristin Drysdale, founder of Scandiwork and author of The Nordic Knitting Primer: A Step-by-Step Guide to Scandinavian Colorwork (2022), in October. The artists will focus on various aspects of Nordic textile handwork. All classes will take place onsite at the National Nordic Museum.

“The Nordic Knitting Series fosters creative expression and encourages students to learn about the rich tradition of Nordic knitting from leading artists in the Nordics and North America. Participants will have the opportunity to work closely with the three artists in residence and explore various techniques and ideas,” said Chief Curator Leslie Anne Anderson.

Weekend 1: September 14 – September 17
Teaching Artist: Birger Berge

Birger Berge is a study in apparent contradictions: he's a trained historian ... and an Instagram star―a trend-setting contemporary knitter ... who's deeply passionate about traditional patterns and their origins. Berge learned to knit as a child from his mother and grandmother, and for him handcrafts have become a source of comfort and creative energy, and a well of endless inspiration. Now, he combines his own distinctly modern style, a love of contrasts and dynamic color combinations, and the classic beauty of Norwegian patterning into his designs. He resides in Bergen, Norway. His bestselling book Nordic Knits with Birger Berge: Traditional Patterns, Exciting New Looks was published in October 2020.

Courses include:
Steeking Knitted Garments, September 14, $85/Members & $90/Non-Members
Knitting Colorwork, September 15, $85/Members & $90/Non-Members
Knitting Entrelac, September 16, $150/Members & $165/Non-Members
Norwegian Mini Mittens, September 17, $150/Members & $165/Non-Members

Weekend 2: October 5–October 8
Teaching Artist: Allyce Wood

Allyce Wood lives and works in Seattle, WA. With digital and handmade processes, Wood makes installations, works on paper, and textiles with a focus on digital jacquard tapestries. To her, the loom acts as a mediator between traditional and computerized technologies, offering a unique way to combine online and offline experiences into images in cotton and wool. Wood received her MFA from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO) in 2018 and her BFA from Cornish College of Art in 2010. She expanded her education by studying Digital Jacquard Tapestry KUNO at the University of Bergen in 2018.

Courses include:
Introduction to Knit Art, October 5, $85/Members & $90/Non-Members
Patterns and Color Work in Knitting, October 6, $85/Members & $90/Non-Members
Conceptual Development in Image Knitting, October 7, $85/Members & $90/Non-Members
Exploring the Domestic Knitting Machine, October 8, $150/Members & $165/Non-Members

Weekend 3: October 26–October 29
Teaching Artist: Kristin Drysdale

Kristin Drysdale has taught and designed for over 25 years, specializing in continental knitting, colorwork, and how to make sweaters that fit any body type. Her goal is to help knitters everywhere become independent and confident makers. She believes anyone can learn to create heirloom garments that fit, last, and are beautiful both inside and out. Drysdale encourages learn the skills needed to create gorgeous garments using masterful Scandinavian techniques. 

Courses include:
Ambidextrous Knitting, October 26, $85/Members & $90/Non-Members
Nordic Colorwork Hat/Cowl, October 27, $85/Members & $90/Non-Members
Designing and Knitting Selbu Mittens, October 28, $150/Members & $165/Non-Members
National Nordic Museum Nordfjord-Kofte, October 29, $150/Members & $165/Non-Members

For her final course, Drysdale studied the traditional Norwegian Kofte displayed on the Museum's first floor and created a pattern using the Nordfjord motif seen in this sweater.

For more information visit the National Nordic Museum website at

The Nordic Knitting Series is made possible with support from ArtsWA, Artsfund, the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, and 4Culture.