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Nordic Sól Nature Craft for Kids—Paper Plate Sun Lacing


Written July 09, 2020

For this project, you need a paper plate, a hole punch, scissors, tape, and yarn/string/ribbon.


I used a plain, heavy-weight paper plate – you could use a colored paper plate, or color a plain one with pens if you wanted. Punch holes around the edge of your plate – my plate has twelve holes, you can do as many as you want. Now comes the fun part! Cut a length of yarn/string/ribbon and tape it on the back of your plate. I put a small piece of tape around the threading part of my yarn to make it easier to go through the holes. Now, go back and forth through the holes however you like! Once you have used up the first piece of lacing, tape it on the back, and start with another one. You can keep lacing with as many different types of materials as you want. I kept my sun fairly simple, but you could also cut rays out of colored paper and tape or glue them onto your plate. Let your imagination run wild!