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Nordic Sól Recycled Craft for Kids—Toilet Paper Tube Houses


Written August 02, 2020

I am a big fan of crafts made from empty toilet paper tubes – maybe you made the mushroom project that was posted in July. I have made chickens, reindeer, trees, and pencil holders from toilet paper tubes – they are truly a versatile crafting object! For today’s project, we will use toilet paper tubes to make houses. Besides tubes, you’ll need paper, scissors, glue, pens, and cardboard scraps – maybe from a cereal box.


I happened to have some patterned paper around my house, so I cut strips of different patterns, and then glued them around the tubes. Use old wrapping paper, pages from magazines (ask first!), or other recycled papers to decorate your village.

For doors and windows, I drew them onto a piece of white paper, cut them out, and glued them on. Finally, for the roofs, I cut small pieces of recycled cardboard, folded them in half, and drew on roof tiles – they just sit on top of the houses.

You can make one house or an entire village! If you’d like different sizes, try cutting some of your tubes into smaller pieces, or use an empty tube from a roll of paper towels.

When you're done, draw a story about who could be living in your beautiful little houses.