CANCELLED Me Too, You Too, We Too

w/ Anja Snellman  
Book Talk 
Book Talk

CANCELLED Me Too, You Too, We Too

w/ Anja Snellman


Note: This event has been cancelled due to illness. 

Me Too, You Too, We Too
Sex, power, and progress: How far have we really come?

Anja Snellman emerged on the Finnish literary scene with Sonia O. Was Here nearly 40 years ago. Her first work became an overnight sensation and the highest-selling debut novel in the history of Finnish literature. The book continues to find new generations of readers and remains relevant—now perhaps more so than ever.

Sonia O. Was Here is a woman’s reply to the ever-popular themes of a young man’s odyssey: manly bravery and curiosity, if not glorified immaturity. Snellman depicts a young woman’s search for independence and freedom and her encounters with double standards in the aftermath of the wave of communist radicalism that washed over Finnish academia and cultural life in the 1970s and gave way to an unprecedented economic boom in the early 1980s.

In the wake of recent events, this distance in time and place makes the reader wonder how much has actually changed. How much of what we call progress has been merely superficial? Nearly 40 years have passed—but why do Sonia’s experiences continue to sound sadly and unfortunately familiar?

Snellman has since authored 24 novels, and her books have been translated into more than 20 languages. She is known for her sensitivity to emerging trends, unspoken truths, and undercurrents about to surface in society—these she often describes with almost eerie premonition, with fascinating and frightening accuracy.

“As an author, I feel that I have often written about social issues and themes that people have sensed strongly around them but have perhaps been unable to pinpoint or put into words,” says Snellman.

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