The Search for Olav Tryggvason

w/ Historian Øystein Morten from Oslo University  
Viking Scholars 
Viking Scholars

The Search for Olav Tryggvason

w/ Historian Øystein Morten from Oslo University


The Saga tradition tells us that the Norwegian King Olav Tryggvason grew up in Russia, brought Christianity to Norway and Iceland, founded the oldest City of Norway and sent an expedition to America, before he disappeared in the depths of the Baltic Sea in the year 1000. Historian and author Øystein Morten has traveled in Olav's footsteps, in search of a truer picture of the Saga King. He takes the old Nordic and foreign sources about Olav and brings them to life, putting them in a whole new context.

About Øystein Morten: Øystein Morten (b. 1973) is a historian of religion from Oslo University and author and has previously been district conservator in West-Telemark county. He has released three, critically acclaimed, books about Norwegian kings: Magnus the Good (2011), The Search for Saint Olaf (2013) and The Search for Sigurd the Crusader (2014). He has also published Biography from Deserted Farmhouses (2017) with photographs by Pål Hermansen (Vigmostad & Bjørke, 2017). 

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