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Fact & Fiction Film Series: Thor Ragnarok



Ever wondered how accurately Marvel depicts Norse mythology? Join us for a screening of Thor: Ragnarok—the first in our "Fact & Fiction" film series—and find out from an expert!

About the Movie:

After being defeated in combat by his half-sister Hela, Thor ends up as an imprisoned gladiator on a distant world ruled by the Grandmaster. Now, he must work together with fellow Avenger the Hulk, another combatant fighting for the Grandmaster's pleasure, in order to escape and return to Asgard before Hela can unleash the world-ending event known as Ragnarok.

But did you Norse mythology, Ragnarök is an actual event, composed of a series of catastrophes that lead to the end of the world? Join Dr. Lauren Poyer from the University of Washington's Department of Scandinavian Studies for a pre-show "lightning lecture", where she'll guide you through the real mythology behind the blockbuster movie.

About the Series:

Welcome to Fact & Fiction, a new series where we ask, "how accurate is this?" Together, we'll screen some of Hollywood's most popular movies that reference or are (loosely) based on Nordic history and culture, and separate the facts from the fiction.