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Film Screening: "The Seer and the Unseen" (2019)



Join us for a screening of The Seer and the Unseen in Osberg Great Hall, a magic realist documentary about invisible elves, financial collapse, and the surprising power of belief.

About the film:

The Seer and the Unseen is a magically real fable about invisible elves, financial collapse and the surprising power of belief, told through the story of an Icelandic grandmother - a real life 'Lorax' who speaks on behalf of nature under threat. As it is about to be razed by a road construction project, our heroine Ragga fights to save a threatened landscape believed to be home to a community of elves - invisible spirits of nature that over half of Iceland believes in. This road is needless and redundant - a resuscitation of the country's dogmatic embrace of the 'invisible hand of the free market,' which drove Iceland to its spectacular 2008 financial meltdown. Through Ragga's heroic story, THE SEER AND THE UNSEEN explores the invisible forces – be they elves or capitalism – that shape our visible worlds and transform our natural landscapes.