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Scented Concert with Jónsi, Sin Fang, and Kjartan Holm



A unique concert experience will open the upcoming exhibition Fischersund: Faux Flora. Music is an integral part of Fischersund’s approach to scent. Both share a similar structure of mid-notes, low notes, and high notes. Music, like scent, is connected to memories and emotions, so the two work together in a harmonious way. Each informs the other and enhances its landscape. The Sounds of Fischer experience along with Fischersund-scented concerts are a unique and holistic sensory journey. Each of Fischersund’s concerts has been composed and performed by the brilliant trio comprised of Jónsi of Sigur Rós, along with musicians Kjartan Holm and Sin Fang of Seabear.

This is a ticketed experience that is open to all. National Nordic Museum Members will receive early access to registration on July 6th. Learn more about purchasing a Museum Membership here. Registration opens to Non-Members on August 2nd.

Images courtesy of the artists.