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SlinCraze Concert



Join the party at the National Nordic Museum for a musical performance by SlinCraze (Nils Rune Utsi), an artist from Norway making rap music!

For over a decade, SlinCraze has been one of the most important voices in Sápmi, and through his music he has been a part of reviving the Sámi language by mixing hip-hop with elements of Sámi culture. His lyrics take up controversial subjects, but also personal stories. SlinCraze has always stood for equality, love, and tolerance. Presented in partnership with Pacific Sámi Searvi. Members of Pacific Sámi Searvi will receive the National Nordic Museum Member discount.

Doors open at 7pm, and the concert will begin at 8pm.


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    The Arctic Superstar, The Sami Rap God, The King Of Kautokeino, or Nothern-Norway’s Eminem. Whatever you call him, SlinCraze is undoubtedly one of the biggest Sami artists and has for more than 15 years been one of the most important voices in Sapmi.