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Swedish Kräftskiva Party



Don your best “Kräftskiva” outfit and join fellow crayfish enthusiasts and our co-hosts SWEA Seattle (Swedish Women's Educational Association) for the return of one of the Museum’s favorite culinary events! Guests can expect to enjoy mounds of traditional Swedish-prepared crayfish with all the sides (think cobblers & pie) that a person can eat! The evening will begin at 5:00 pm with a cocktail reception, with dinner being served around 6:00 pm. Guests will be seated outside on the Fisherman's Terrace, weather permitting. Bring your friends and appetite, and get ready to have some drinks, sing some songs, and celebrate the season. Check out this video from Visit Sweden for a taste of an authentic crayfish party in Sweden!

More about Swedish crayfish parties, courtesy of

The dark August nights provide the perfect setting for a Swedish crayfish feast. Once a preserve of the rich, the Swedish crayfish party is today an occasion for all. Over the years, certain aspects of it have become a tradition.

There are some ground rules:

  • Crayfish are to be eaten outdoors.
  • Gaily coloured paper lanterns should preferably be hung round the table. The most popular type of lantern shows a smiling full moon.
  • Both the tablecloth and the colourful plates can also be of paper.
  • People wear bibs round their necks and funny little paper hats on their heads.
  • Songs are eagerly encouraged – the sillier the better.

Then the feast begins. You eat crayfish cold, with your fingers. Sucking noisily to extract the juices is perfectly acceptable behaviour. Bread and a strong cheese such as mature Västerbotten are eaten on the side. People mostly drink beer and some even a schnapps.

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