The Woman Who Lit the World

w/ Swedish Choreographer Stina Nyberg  

The Woman Who Lit the World

w/ Swedish Choreographer Stina Nyberg


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The woman who lit the world is storytelling in the shape of a performance, as choreographed and told by Stina Nyberg.

For a long time, the choreographer Stina Nyberg have been walking in the footsteps of the electric engineer Nikola Tesla; gathering stories, technologies and myths about the vibrant history of the wireless.

In The woman who lit the world she tells the story of how she came to visit Tesla’s private library in Belgrade, have her photo taken in Tesla’s room at the Hotel New Yorker, get a hug from the boss of the Tesla Science Center on Long Island, tried to break in into the remaining building of the legendary Adam’s Power Plant in Niagara Falls, failed to build a tiny tesla coil at the Maker Space Fat Cat Fat Lab in NYC, danced with a Tesla coil in the barn of a Danish foot therapist, and finally stopped doubting the magic of electricity. Step by step, she realizes how the story of the genius turns into a story about herself. Read more on Stina Nyberg's website.

Stina Nyberg is a choreographer and dancer from Sweden who for many years have been trying to blur the divides between science, art and belief. She has, amongst other things, choreographed the Shaking the Habitual tour with The Knife, created works for the Cullberg ballet as well as a string of independent works in Europe. She is currently spending time in New York to continue her investigations through dance.

With support by the Swedish Arts Council and Barbro Osher.

Photo credit: Märta Thisner

Cost: $15 for Members; $20 general admission; $5 students w/ school ID

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