Interwoven Symposium

The Blended Heritage of Nordics and Native Peoples  

Interwoven Symposium

The Blended Heritage of Nordics and Native Peoples 


In this second Interwoven Symposium, speakers will present their unique histories and stories. As an oral history initiative begun in 2016 by the Nordic Museum, Interwoven serves as a multifaceted project to record, preserve, and present personal stories and histories of individuals with blended Nordic and Indigenous cultural identity in the Pacific Northwest. You can see a brief intro video here.

We're excited to announce our 2019 Syposium pannelists: 

  • Odin Lonning, an artist of the Tlingit Tribe and an Interwoven interviewee
  • Richard Hanks, a retired professor of American Indian History at University of California Riverside, and published author/President of the Floyd Norgaard Cultural Center in Stanwood
  • Gwen Whiting, lead curator of the Washington State Historical Society
  • Aaron Jones, Tulalip Tribes member

Note: the symposium takes place at the Hibulb Cultural Center, 6410 23rd Avenue NE, Tulalip, WA. All tickets will be available at the door.

Cost: $7 for Members; $10 general admission

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Join us in May 2018
and be inspired by the values, traditions, art, and spirit of the Nordic peoples.

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