Knitting Detectives!

w/ Susan Strawn  

Knitting Detectives!

w/ Susan Strawn

9am – 12pm

Susan Strawn: Knitting Detectives!

Explore research methods used to uncover the history of vintage knitted garments, with an emphasis on Nordic knits. First, we will consider some examples of knitting detection: a child’s dancing-couples cardigan from Denmark that led to a dramatic story of love and loss, a curious pair of Finnish mittens that held a vivid story of political upheaval, an unfinished sweater knitted during World War II, and others that hold equally inspiring and touching stories. Next we will discuss the basics of scholarship applied to textile history: learn to craft good research questions and recognize credible sources. Workshop attendees are invited to bring their own vintage knitted garments, so we will conclude by considering ideas that could reveal their stories.

Participants will receive a handout with step-by-step recommendations for research strategies in textile history, plus several patterns charted from historic and vintage Nordic knitting sources.

What to Bring
If you want to begin knitting the charts during the workshop, bring two colors of fingering weight wool yarn and size-appropriate needles. No materials fee.

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